Ranger Power launches new charitable funds


The LincolnWay Community Foundation is proud to partner with renewable energy leader Ranger Power in hosting two new charitable funds for the benefit of the Grand Mound area as part of the new Hawkeye Solar Project. 

Ranger Power has established the Hawkeye Solar Project Endowment Fund with the Community Foundation to facilitate local projects that will make lasting, positive impact on the built environment in and around Grand Mound. It also will benefit students in the Central DeWitt and Calamus-Wheatland school districts. 

The endowment is permanently invested and a percentage of earnings will pay out annually, forever, to support projects that fit the mission of the fund. Ranger Power has also set up a project fund with cash resources that are immediately available to meet the same needs supported by the endowment. Contributions of $20,000 will be made annually until the project starts, and an additional $500,000 will be added to the fund once construction is complete.   

“Ranger Power takes a community-first approach,” says Paul Harris, President of Ranger Power, “Giving back to the communities where we operate is part of our ongoing effort to advance clean energy and economic development in Clinton County. These funds will ensure we meet that goal for years to come.”

Ranger Power’s Hawkeye Solar Project represents a $250 million investment in rural Clinton County that will create over 200 jobs during construction and generate new tax revenue. Ranger Power aims to improve the economic landscape, provide renewable energy to local and regional homes and businesses, and create additional revenue sources for the county. The company is partnering with private landowners near Grand Mound to build the solar farm. In May 2022, the Clinton County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the project.

“I appreciate Ranger Power’s commitment to continued investment in our community through these new charitable funds,” says Dan Srp, Clinton County Supervisor. “In addition to developing the Hawkeye Solar Project, the company continues to find ways to support local organizations and I look forward to seeing the benefits of those donations in the months and years to come.”

The LincolnWay Community Foundation offers many opportunities to improve quality of life by building partnerships with nonprofits and community leaders like Ranger Power to address an array of local issues.

"We are pleased to be able to help facilitate Ranger Power’s charitable giving efforts at the Hawkeye Solar Project,” says Amanda Willimack, Executive Director of the Community Foundation. “School districts and nonprofits in the Grand Mound area that apply through the LincolnWay grant process will be eligible."

To learn more about how you can establish a fund or make a gift that impacts your community, contact Executive Director Amanda Willimack at 563-212-2812 or email lwcf@dbqfoundation.org