River Bluff Community Foundation celebrates $1 million milestone

The River Bluff Community Foundation has reached a significant milestone on its mission to build stronger communities through leadership, grantmaking and inspiring giving. This local generosity has helped the Community Foundation build over $1 million in assets held for the benefit of nonprofits, scholarship programs and community initiatives. 

Almost 100% of the Community Foundation’s assets are endowed, which means they are permanently held and will grow in perpetuity, while the interest will pay out annually, forever.

“Our community is full of passionate, generous people who want to contribute toward a strong future for the area. Understanding how that generosity can have the deepest impact can be a challenge, and that’s where the River Bluff Community Foundation comes in,” says Foundation president David Pillers. “We connect the dots between community needs and the people — and organizations — who can help address them.

In addition to supporting endowment funds for donors and nonprofits, the Foundation also holds its own endowment for annual grantmaking. Grants are intended to serve as catalysts for big ideas, allowing groups to focus on implementation and deepening their positive impact in and on the community. 

“Understanding our community’s challenges and connecting with leaders who want to develop solutions is our most important work,” says board member Jon Thoms. “Contact us today to find out how you can help the community and enjoy tax savings.” 

Gifts over $50 to endowed funds at the Community Foundation are eligible for the generous Endow Iowa 25% State Tax Credit. 

To learn more or join the growth of the River Bluff Community Foundation and be a part securing our community’s future for today, tomorrow and forever, visit dbqfoundation.org/rbcf or email rbcf@dbqfoundation.org.