Angela Wille

Grants Manager

“The Community Foundation builds collaboration, diversity, develops leadership and encourages affiliation, and I'm proud to be able to tell others what I do.”

Every week, Angie is inspired by the generosity and impact of our donors as they request funds to be sent to homeless shelters, schools, food pantries, programs for the arts, rescue squads, parks, and more.  Her role is the direct enactment of donors’ philanthropic wishes. She supports grant seekers through the online grant application process, answering questions and providing assistance when needed.  

Angie’s 30-year career gives her a rich background of experiences to draw from for her work at the Foundation, where she connects her skills, talent, education and experiences with donors and grant seekers to create thriving communities in the seven counties we serve. She has a bachelor's degree in finance and completed a three-year lay formation ministry program.  

“At the end of the day, I can say I was part of something much greater than myself. My behind the scenes work is important in building a better society,” says Angie. “I find joy in the communities we serve. There is so much to be proud of in Northeast Iowa: the parks, limestone bluffs, fall landscape, rivers and the people. We have wonderful communities with great potential to become more inclusive, more diverse places where people feel they belong.”

Angie has been married for 38 years and has four children and six grandchildren. She enjoys exploring Iowa parks, reading and gardening. 

Fun Fact

Q. What brings you joy?

A. Hugs from my grandchildren.

Angela Wille Grants Manager 563-588-2700