Emily Rollins

Director of Philanthropy

"Community means everyone having someone to look out for their well-being and success."

Emily joined the Community Foundation in 2021 to support our philanthropy team. Formerly a career center director, she worked with individuals, companies and groups to learn about their personal and professional ambitions. That experience helps her connect with our donors and support them in achieving their charitable goals.  

In her role at the Foundation, Emily is excited about working with a stellar team on meaningful work for our community. “I've always been inspired by and involved in social justice work,” she says. “Whether it was leading an interfaith student organization in college or working for equity in employment opportunities for college students during my time as a career center director, social justice is an important part of my life that will continue to inspire me as I work to connect donors to causes they care about.”

Emily loves cooking, baking and trying new recipes. She enjoys learning about cultures, religions and languages, as well as spending time with her husband, daughter, and the rest of their family.  

Emily Rollins Director of Philanthropy emily@dbqfoundation.org 563-588-2700