Foundation for Dubuque Public Schools

Our Mission: Support student achievement by promoting investment in the Dubuque Public Schools.


We are a nonprofit committed to providing resources for all students of the Dubuque Community School District.

  • We are creating a permanent funding source for Dubuque public schools by raising an endowment through major and planned gifts.
  • We work with businesses, foundations and private donors to build general, endowed and designated funds for educational programs in the district.
  • We support the Dubuque Community School District's mission of developing world-class learners and citizens of character in a safe and inclusive learning community.

2023 FDPS Annual Fundraising Event

Be sure to save the date and join us for a fun, spirited event on April 27, 2023.

We will celebrate the achievements of our public school students and highlight projects and programs that were supported by the foundation throughout the year.

Time: 4:00 – 6:30 pm
Where: Diamond Jo Casino – Harbor Room, 301 Bell Street
Attire: School Spirit – represent your school by wearing school colors

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Nominate a Hometown Alum today to be recognized at the event. Download the nomination form.

Nominate a Hempstead High School Staff Member

The purpose of the Seiffert Family Teacher Appreciation Award is to recognize exceptional teachers at Hempstead High School with an annual award. The recipient of this award will receive a $500 gift that they will be able to use to enhance their professional development or classroom, as an acknowledgement of their expertise and service both in and out of the classroom.

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There are many ways for you to make a difference for public school students in Dubuque.

Judi Chandlee Tribute to Teachers Grants

The family of Judi Chandlee, a longtime Dubuque Community School District teacher, has established an endowed fund in her memory with the Foundation for Dubuque Public Schools. This fund supports annual classroom grants to teachers across the district. The FDPS was able to open two grant cycles for teacher grants this year, received a record number of applications and awarded $19,548.15 in classroom grants to 54 teachers in 16 different buildings throughout the Dubuque Community School District (DCSD). Staff is able to purchase equipment, supplies, and/or innovative educational experiences to enhance the education in their classrooms.

The 2022 Judi Chandlee Tribute to Teachers recipients and schools are:


Sara Dowell, Washington Middle School – Brain Health Resources

Amy Evarts, Sageville Elementary School – Bouncing for Focus

Gabriella Kolker, Hempstead High School – Standing Desks

Holly Richards, Irving Elementary School – Creating Community

Deb Engleman, Hempstead High School – Quizlet Upgrade

Kelly Neumann, Sageville Elementary School – It is All Fun and Games

Jesi Duve, Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School – Building Thinking Classrooms

Sandy Hanley, Lincoln Elementary School – K-2 Sphero Indi Educational Roboto

Theressa Northouse, Marshall Elementary School – Update our Reading, PLEASE!

Ali Steepleton and Shelby Kelchen – Thomas Jefferson Middle School – Vertical Thinking Spaces Classroom

Sarah Crom, Dubuque Senior High School – Podcasts in the Classroom

Amanda Marks, Thomas Jefferson Middle School – Classroom Books

Michelle Weber, Thomas Jefferson Middle School – Supporting SEL through Circles

Courtney Hensen, Table Mound Elementary School – Sphero Indi: Computer Science for our Early Leaners

Emilie Foust, Table Mound Elementary School – Varied Practice Reading

An additional $250 classroom grant was presented to the Dubuque Educator’s Association “Teacher of the Year”, Kellie Klein a special education teacher at Washington Middle School.


Molly Summer, Eisenhower Elementary School - Classroom Calm Down Corners

Amy Evarts, Andrea Boeve, Ashley Schmitt, Bill Mach, Angie Rokusek, Sageville Elementary School - Self-Care Corners

Amanda Young, Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School - Headphones with microphones

Amy Rambousek, Hoover Elementary School - Big Sounds for Little Ears

Annette Wohlers, Audubon Elementary School - Classroom Fidgets

Heather Rath, Eisenhower Elementary School - Flexible Seating

Kayla Olberding, Marshall Elementary School - Flex Seating and Morning Meeting

Amy Freiburger, Sageville Elementary School - Wobbling to Increase Movement & Reading!

Catherine Fuchs, Hoover Elementary School - Books for the Heart

Lindsey Hoffmann, Irving Elementary School - Nonfiction and Information Texts for Small Groups

Elissa Burke, Irving Elementary School - Cracking the Reading Code

Amanda Pfaff, Teacher on Special Assignment - Math and GT Curriculum Coordinator - Primary Education Thinking Skills (PETS) Books

Carolyn Sheehan, Washington Middle School - Listen and Learn Tech Support for Intervention

Mike Smith, Audubon Elementary School - Physical Education Team Building Program

Ryan Giesemann, Dubuque Senior High School - Weight Room Equipment

Roger Tyler, Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School Adding to the ERMS Piano Keyboard Lab

Teresa Koch, Sageville Elementary School - Handheld Instruments for K-2 Students

Tammie Harbin, Sageville Elementary School - Developing Hand-Eye Coordination with PE Skills

Amanda Severson and Jennifer Tigges, Hempstead High School - White boards for student work

Leah Decker, Jefferson Middle School, Building Thinking Classrooms

Tera Otting, Alta Vista Campus - Incentives/School Store Rewards

Janie Houselog, Hempstead High School - PRIDE Recognition/PBIS Students of the Week

CaSondra Lopez, Bryant Elementary School - Independent Living Skills

Molly Anderson, Dubuque Senior High School - Speaker for Film Class

Krystle Feehan, Table Mound Elementary School - Building Meaningful Play Skills In Our Structured

Brooke Ludovissy, Teacher on Special Assignment - Elementary Science - Boots for Outdoor Adventures

Tim Hitzler, Alta Vista Campus - Passion Woodworking Projects

Donna Schmitt, Carver Elementary School - Computer Science & STEM

Megan Murphy, Irving Elementary School - 3D Printer to Create & Inspire

Jeff Dyer, Sageville Elementary School - Sphero Hero

Heather Bergfeld, Table Mound Elementary School - Learning through Osmo

Amy Mozena, Washington Middle School - Robot Investigations with Finch

Dine Out for Dubuque Public Schools

On behalf of the Foundation for Dubuque Public Schools (FDPS), you are invited to participate in our annual community-wide “Dine Out/Take Out” for Public Schools events, to be held on October 13, 2022 and April 20, 2023.

These events showcase collaboration between local restaurants, the community, and FDPS, in raising funds to enhance Dubuque Community School District programs. The goal is to encourage the Dubuque community to dine out/take out at participating restaurants, in an effort to drive business at local eateries, and raise money for school programming. Your participation is simple – just dine out on October 13 and April 20 and let your server know you are dining out for the public schools.

Check Out the Participating Restaurants 

A huge THANK YOU to our participating restaurants and community members that participate in these events. Since 2017 we have raised approximately $48,000 to support a variety of projects and programs in the public schools!      "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." ~ Helen Keller

FDPS impact in the Public Schools

Below is a link to the 2022 Annual Update and videos that show the impact we are having on the public schools staff, students and families. Thank you to all of our donors who have invested in our students. Your gifts empower so many!

Read Our Update

2022 FDPS Update Video

2021 FDPS Update Video

Our Board of Directors

Zach Hodge, President
Lauren Czeshinski, Vice President
Mathew Langenberg, Treasurer
Josh Weidemann, Immediate Past President
Tammy Duehr
Kevin Eipperle
Doug Horstmann
Dawn McCoy
Derek Olberding
Maureen Quann
Whitney Sanger
Amy Schauer
Ulrike Schultz
Katie Stork
Nan Welch
Amy Unmacht (Ex Officio)

Our Vision: All Dubuque Community School District students will have the resources they need to succeed.

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