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  • Goal: Support nonprofits and thriving communities
  • Goal: Build our endowment by $450,000
  • Goal: Award $40,000+ in additional annual grants

About Us

Since our founding over 15 years ago, the Allamakee County Community Foundation has assisted generous people in supporting their personal charitable goals with love and passion. We also have grown into the role of regional leader and change-maker, which requires a different kind of support - building the Allamakee Forever Fund so we can continue to support nonprofits that are addressing complex challenges and creating an Allamakee County where everyone can thrive.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Allamakee County by: Increasing charitable giving by encouraging people to give back to their hometowns. Establishing permanent community endowments and protecting and growing them through prudent investment and effective stewardship. Identifying needs and priorities in Allamakee County and providing financial support to address them. Serving as a leader that identifies challenges and opportunities, and brings people together to work for the achievement of common goals.

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PO Box 332 Waukon, Iowa 52172


Betty Steege

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Success Story

When people get involved in their communities, their communities change for the better. That’s why we need you to be part of the Allamakee Forever Fund.

In the past five years, we’ve granted over $600,000 to more than 60 organizations - yet more than $740,000 of worthy requests have gone unfunded. We need your support of the Forever Fund to close this gap.

With the resources currently available, we have leveraged our strengths to make a lasting difference in Allamakee County. We’ve partnered with caring community members to remove barriers to brain health resources. With support from the Foundation and a generous community partner, Vision To Learn has provided nearly 500 eye exams and given free glasses to 450 students. And in the last decade, we’ve granted over $200,000 to public safety, fire and EMS departments for equipment and training.

If such solutions are possible with limited resources, imagine what we can do with funding that provides the flexibility to sustain our work forever.

“Grants from the Foundation have allowed us to enhance quality of life for all people living in Waukon by providing inclusive opportunities for improved wellness. Without the Foundation’s support, we would have struggled to make such strides for our community.” - Jeremy Strub, Director, Waukon Parks and Recreation

What will tomorrow bring our community? What needs and opportunities will arise? What critical work will be needed to improve quality of life? And what can we do now to assure future needs are met? The Allamakee Forever Fund is helping answer these questions. It presents an opportunity for all who love our county to invest in it to support a strong future. As an endowment, it will continue growing forever, and the flexible dollars it will provide can help us address critical and emerging needs for generations to come. 

We strive to understand challenges and find long term solutions. The Forever Fund will give us the flexibility to address the needs of our children, increase access to services that support the well-being of all people, and ensure that in times of distress or rebuilding, we can offer relief and recovery. Your investment will strengthen our ability to build a self-determined, high performing, and ultimately more vibrant and prosperous county.

Learn more about the Allamakee County Community Foundation and how we work. 

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