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Dubuque College Access Network

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Many students dream of college but face barriers to getting there.

We work to make their dreams reality by bringing together leaders from many community areas to find ways of increasing access to post-secondary education and training.

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Defining 'College'

We think of college as any post-high school institution or program that prepares students for careers. That includes: 

  • Four-year universities 
  • Community colleges 
  • Apprenticeships 
  • Certification programs

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Gilberto Garcia DCAN Participant, Loras College Class of 2024

By the Numbers

We support many community efforts to increase access to four-year universities, community colleges, apprenticeships and certification programs


DCAN's goal: Dubuque high school graduates enrolled in post-secondary education or training by 2025


Dubuque high school graduates enrolled in post-secondary education or training today


Dubuque area high school graduation rate


Coming together to make an impact

Local leaders are working collaboratively to increase access to post-high school education.

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A Common Agenda

DCAN’s members from the education, business, nonprofit and government sectors come together to achieve a shared goal: Increase post-secondary education enrollment for historically underrepresented populations, including minority and first-generation students.

Learn how you can support our common agenda.

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Stephanie Leon Northeast Iowa Community College and Loras College student

A Network for All Iowans

DCAN is one of 14 local college access networks across the state supported by Iowa College Aid. Together, these programs are bringing post-high school education within reach for all students.

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