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Ghost Players Endowment Fund for Baseball History

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  • Award Winning Film: Ghost Player: Relive the Magic
  • Published Book Travels with Ghosts & Other Tales
  • The Internet Archive is host to video clips

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The Ghost Player Endowment is about saving and sharing the history of a barnstorming baseball team and comedy troupe that also performs baseball skills camps and exhibition games. The Ghosts are comprised of former professional and semi-professional baseball players. Some of them were in the original Field of Dreams movie. The concept of the Ghost Players was first created by W.P.Kinsella when he wrote the story, SHOELESS JOE. His characters were brought to the big screen by producers of the FIELD OF DREAMS movie. The Ghost Players barnstorming baseball team and comedy troupe was the brain child of Keith Rahe. He lives on a farm just on the other side of where Field of Dreams movie was filmed. He knew many of the actors who portrayed the old ball players, Ghost Players, in the movie. One day he asked friends to surprise the tourists visiting the movie site.  They suited up in old style uniforms, walked through the cornfield, and start playing ball.  This was the beginning of an amazing adventure that took Keith and the team around the world of many years.  Experience the full story watching the GHOST PLAYER: RELIVE THE MAGIC documentary available for streaming on Amazon. Individual video clips of these adventures are preserved and accessible on the Internet Archive. Current activities can be followed on Facebook.


Preservation of the stories and visual evidence of the Field of Dreams Ghost Players. 

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The unique and significant video collection of the Ghost Players show and educate what Iowa's greatest asset is, its people. It is further proof and an excellent way to illustrate what makes Iowa great and the best place in the nation to live and pursue the American Dream.    This collection helps preserve, interpret, enhance, and educate the public about a piece of our culture and Iowa's assets.   In an Iowa farmhouse, nine men are suiting up. Assessing each other, they tuck in their baseball jerseys and adjust their short-brimmed caps. Soon, two pickup trucks will take them to a not-so-obscure cornfield, where they will line up and feel their way through 150 feet of narrow cornrow. Then, each man will make his appearance on a sun-bathed ball field that is more grounded in fiction than in professional baseball. It's a beautiful day for baseball, and hundreds of people await the players. A young girl with an oversized glove throws soft pitches with her father. Visiting Japanese students happily snap enough photos to fill several albums. Picnic baskets are readied by eager spectators, perched in bleachers, folding chairs and lying on the blankets that all-but-cover the grassy baselines. Amazingly, the fans expect no game today. They have no favorites; no team is vying for any title. The action on the field will be baseball tomfoolery between kids and the players. The men coming through the corn have always been ballplayers. All have played in the semi-pros; some have made it to the majors and one is college baseball coach, each one having played more games than he can count. Today, however, these stars wearing 1918 uniforms are going through the motions for the joy of pretense, as much in deference to a Hollywood fantasy as the game that's almost as old as the country itself.

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Ghost Players Endowment Fund for Baseball History

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Ghost Players Endowment Fund for Baseball History