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  • Scholarship program for deserving students
  • Scholarships awarded to ALL graduates who apply

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Thanks to the Maquoketa Valley community and alumni in 36 states, the MV Dollars for Scholars has met its goal of giving a scholarship to every graduate who applies and to increase the amount given each year. Scholarships are paid from the earnings on the Endowed funds and from Direct Scholarships. Direct scholarships are pass through gifts of $250 or more, to be given at the next graduation. the donor may name someone to be honored or remembered. 494 MV graduates have been awarded a total of $268,793. Because the awards are from a Dollars for Scholars Chapter, their colleges or universities did not reduce the student aid dollars they had promised, a practice in most colleges. in some cases students received additional matching funds from these schools.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

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112 Third St. PO Box 186 Delhi, IA 52223


Keith Kramer

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Ripple Effect Scholarship Started by Maquoketa Valley Third Grader Maquoketa Valley third grader, Kaitlyn Nolan, will award the Ripple Effect Scholarship on Sunday, May 10. Kaitlyn recently found $2 on her school playground. Instead of keeping the money for herself, she decided to donate the $2 to Maquoketa Valley Dollars Scholars. Upon receiving her donation, board members and others have been inspired by her act of kindness and made contributions of their own that have allowed this scholarship to reach $528. Thank you Kaitlyn, for starting this Ripple Effect! You can read the full story in the Dyersville Commercial and Monticello Express. Photo: Brenda Becker (Elementary Principal), Kaitlyn Nolan, Kris Wilson (3rd Grade Teacher), Keith Kramer (MVDFS President)

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