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  • The annual distributions can be made to 501c3 organizations, school, municipalities or churches.

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Monticello Give to Grow is a fund that will benefit the entire Monticello community, FOREVER!


To ensure Monticello continues to be a vibrant community, forever!

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Monticello Give to Grow is working to build a $450,000 endowment that will pay out at least $20-$25,000 annually and secure a $100,000 gift from an anonymous donor.

This fund is a perfect way for you to support ALL of Monticello, the community where you live, raised your family, earned a living or have a special place in your heart for.

Committee Members: Charlie Becker, Scott Brighton, Joe Oswald, Jacob Oswald, Angie McDonough, Tina McDonough, Jami Schlarmann, Abby Jaeger, Sam Hunt, Russ Farnum, Sheila Tjaden, Doug Edel

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Monticello Give to Grow

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Here for you. MJ Smith Senior Affiliate Advisor 563-588-2700

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