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Motor Mill Foundation Endowment

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  • 33 MM Volunteers contributed 1096.25 hours in 2020
  • The Motor Mill welcomed 805 visitors in 2020.
  • Received $125,000 from the Rural Heritage grant.

About Us

In 2002, the CCCB looked to the public for guidance and assistance to develop a long-range plan for the entire Motor Mill Site. As a result, the Motor Mill Advisory Committee was formed in March of 2002. The Motor Mill Advisory Committee, made up of a diverse group of volunteers, began to develop a mission statement and set goals. 


The mission of the foundation is to protect and preserve the architectural integrity, history, natural beauty and serenity of the Motor Mill site and its surroundings and to develop appropriate uses and interpretation as a regional treasure for the benefi

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29862 Osborne Rd. (mailing) 23002 Grain Rd. (physical) Elkader, IA 52043


Jenna Pollock

Success Story

Motor Mill has been featured in several articles as one of Northeast Iowa's must-see historic locations. One of the Mill's most notable recognitions would be its debut on the cover of a 2012 edition of Visit Iowa Magazine. This was a huge accomplishment and led to Motor Mill becoming a prominent poster child for Northeast Iowa and its various historic sites. Today, the Motor Mill Historic Site totals 155 acres; 95 on the north side of the Turkey River and 60 acres on the south side. The CCCB maintains a hiking trail on each side of the river and a canoe ramp, campground, and picnic area on the north side. Currently there are plans to restore the Historic Motor Inn, which will host four rooms for guests to reserve. When complete this will give the public the opportunity to stay at the historic site right along the Turkey River. 

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Motor Mill Foundation Endowment