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Northeast Iowa Farm and Antique Association

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  • Demonstrations of farming heritage
  • Educational and fun activities every September
  • Historic preservation and exploration

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The Northeast Iowa Farm and Antique Association is all about preserving farm history, but not in a museum, in ACTION! Over its 40-year history as an Association, buildings have been moved to and reconstructed at the Plagman Barn site, and many pieces of antique farm equipment have been bought, donated, and/or restored on site. Each Fall, in the third weekend of September, the Barn property is opened to the public for its fabulous 3-day Show Days extravaganza. This event, which showcases Clayton County's rural heritage, reaches out to area youth with fun and educational activities through demonstrations of the area's early farm and home practices and techniques. Agricultural displays include live demonstrations of activities such as steam engine log sawing, horse-powered threshing, and brick-making. Home life displays include more live demonstrations of activities such as rug weaving, butter churning, rope making, and bread making. There are also endless antique displays and flea markets, a country store, and the Show Days' signature chicken dinner in the barn on Sunday. On all 3 days, live music is featured in the Barn, which was built as a dance hall in 1924-25. In addition to Show Days, the Association also hosts barn dances, country breakfasts, and chicken dinners at the Barn from Spring through Fall. The Association is proud of its committed group of volunteers, some of which span 3 generations, to caretake the Plagman Barn property and to organize its seasonal events. These events would not be possible without the strong support of wonderful volunteers and generous donors. Please join us in our efforts to preserve and celebrate Northeast Iowa's rich and vibrant agricultural history. Additional volunteers are always welcome!


The purpose for which this organization was founded was to promote the restoration and preservation of farm agricultural and antique items of all natures. Shows, seminars, and other activities are sponsored with the goal of enhancing the public's recognit

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28384 Garber Road The Plagman Barn complex is on Garber Rd (Hwy C7X) -- 8 miles west of Guttenberg, or 2 miles east of Garber. Garber, IA 52048


Larry Moser (President)

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Several important capital improvements to the Plagman Barn property have been recently made. They were funded mainly by an Upper Mississippi Gaming Commission grant and by a generous donation from an Association member. The first project involved installing a bathroom with flush toilets. This required digging a new, deeper well, and installing larger holding tanks. A second project involved installing a concrete pad between the Barn and the new bathroom. This pad facilitates access between the buildings -- a big aid for those in wheelchairs, or walking with walkers or canes.   In all years, we continue with building upkeep -- one of our biggest, ongoing challenges on the property.

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