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Osborne Partners for Education Endowment

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  • Osborne delivered 327 programs to 6,638 in 2020.
  • 78% of Environmental Ed. participants are youth.
  • Volunteers provided 1282.75 hours of their time.

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The Osborne Partners for Education Endowment Fund was started by Susi Nehls and Roy Blair in memory of Susis father, Dr. Joe Hickey. Dr. Hickeys research led to the legislation that protected birds of prey like the bald eagle. Dr. Hickeys passion for teaching others about the natural world was sparked early by adults who introduced him to the wonders of nature.


As part of its overall mission, the Clayton County Conservation Board encourages appreciation and responsible use of our natural resources and cultural heritage. The Board manages over 25 natural areas in Clayton County, with the Osborne Conservation Cent

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29862 Osborne Road Elkader, IA 52043


Jenna K. Pollock

Success Story

Clayton County Conservation is hosting many different camps & educational programs throughout the summer of 2021, we have programs for every age and interest! October 9-10th of 2021 Clayton County Conservation will be hosting its annual Heritage Days event. Heritage Days is full of all sorts of exciting pioneer festivities, live demonstrations, many fun contests, and many great tasty food options.                 

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Osborne Partners for Education Endowment

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