20 years of scholarships for Maquoketa Valley students

In 2020, Maquoketa Valley Dollars for Scholars marked 20 years of providing scholarships to help local youth continue their education beyond high school. Over $1 million have been awarded in that time, assisting 986 graduates. 

Scholarships are made in three ways: 

  • Awards under $250: Many awards are funded by combining smaller donations.
  • Direct scholarships of $250 or more: Donors provide a one-time or recurring annual scholarship as a memorial or on behalf of a business or family.
  • Permanent Endowments: 103 permanent endowments held by the Foundation for the Future of Delaware County each provide annual distributions of interest that fund scholarships through Maquoketa Valley Dollars for Scholars.

In 2020, second-year scholarships were introduced for qualified graduating seniors from the class of 2019. Renewable awards for up to four years of college were made possible by generous contributions from the estate of Arvin Cooper. The average award for each of the 27 qualified recipients from the class of 2019 was $2,642.  

Members of the graduating class of 2020 received 178 scholarships totaling $106,600, including support from the Arvin Cooper Memorial Fund. 

The Maquoketa Valley School community honors two deceased members of the class of 2021, Teige Hunt and Anna Nefzger, through a memorial scholarship awarded in their names. Their classmates honored them by naming Anna and Teige homecoming king and queen posthumously this fall

To make a gift in honor of Teige, Anna or others and to support Maquoketa Valley High School students’ bright futures, visit maquoketavalley.dollarsforscholars.org or contact Keith Kramer at kkramer@fmbank.biz.