A Vision for Community Health Becomes Reality

Our Work to Support Crescent Community Health Center

This story is part of our Transforming Together series, which highlights 20 key moments in our Foundation’s first 20 years. Read more stories in the series.

For Chiquitta Carroll, a self-employed professional hair stylist in Dubuque, finding affordable and convenient health care was a challenge. Public transportation limited her choice of providers and as a mother of four, she had additional concerns. “It’s hard to find doctors who are good with kids,” says Chiquitta.

All that changed in 2007 when the Crescent Community Health Center opened near her home in the Washington Neighborhood. Dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable health care, Crescent serves uninsured patients with a sliding fee scale and provides discounts based on household income and size.

According to Chiquitta, the center’s outstanding quality of care is what makes it really special. “The doctors and dentists are great people and very knowledgeable,” she says. “They are flexible and get you in for emergencies. It’s an amazing establishment.”

Crescent exists because of the ENVIS10N 2010 community visioning process, facilitated by the Community Foundation and the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce in 2005. Funded by the Dubuque Racing Association, ENVIS10N 2010 encouraged community members to gather together and brainstorm ideas for the next 10 great projects that would move Dubuque forward.

Through the process, community members identified many critical needs, including a community health center. Wanting to help the center come to fruition, the Schmid family generously stepped in to fund the cause. Their $1.3 million gift created an endowment that provide annual operating funds for the center.

Schmid family members Janet Rhomberg and Mary Schmid say they feel grateful that they are able to share their blessings. “There is such a great need for affordable health care in our community,” says Janet. “This is a wonderful facility that is providing a much needed service.”

“I’ve never had to think twice about calling a doctor for my children,” adds Mary. “When you realize there are people who don’t have that option, it makes you want to do what you can to help.”