Building a strong foundation in the Dyersville area


For over 30 years, the Dyersville Area Community Foundation has been making a difference for nonprofits, schools and communities. Since the beginning, the Foundation has worked to meet community needs – starting with the launch of The Kid Project Community Child Care Center, which the Foundation still sponsors today.

Board members organized, built and managed the daycare, licensed for 117 children with a waiting list.” Quality, affordable child care is a big challenge in our area and throughout Iowa. I’m very proud that our board was able to provide an answer to such an important need,” says  Nancy Dunkel, who has served the Foundation – as a board member and executive director – since 1989. Nancy is also a member of the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque board of directors. 

A new effort is underway to build on the Kid Project’s success and respond to increased needs. A $1.75 million state grant will help build an 8,000-square foot center in the 20 West Industrial Park that will provide affordable, accessible care for 131 infants to preschoolers. 

The Foundation works with the local chamber of commerce and economic development groups, plus area city councils, to identify ways to improve quality of life, such as supporting youth and food pantries. “As Iowa continues to see a shortage in the labor force, we look for ways to make our area attractive and appealing for people to call home,” Nancy explains. 

The Foundation’s commitment to enhancing quality of life has inspired Nancy and her husband, Ken, to turn to it for their own charitable giving. “The Foundation connects donors with community needs and helps us see our contributions in action,” she says. “I know how blessed I have been and how it feels to be the recipient of a caring community. And I know there are many other people out there, like me, who can help build on our communities’ strengths. All contributions matter.”