Clayton County Foundation for the Future announces more than $240,000 in community support


Local nonprofits and charitable groups will see $241,480 in payouts this year from endowment funds hosted by the Clayton County Foundation for the Future. These annual distributions support their ongoing work to improve quality of life across the county.

“Endowments provide annual funding that allows organizations to realize their missions and meet local needs – forever,” said Emily Sadewasser, Foundation coordinator. “The Foundation partners with donors and nonprofits to improve quality of life for everyone in our county.” 

Endowment funds held by the Foundation are invested permanently, and the earnings will provide annual funding to address Clayton County’s greatest challenges for generations to come. Nonprofit leaders look to the Foundation to hold their organizations’ endowments because the reliable funding helps them respond to emerging needs, sustain the good work they do, and plan for the future.

The City of McGregor is familiar with the power of endowments. Its Alexander McGregor Endowment Fund pays out annually to improve quality of life in the community. Last year, the distributions helped capture the city’s history through a preservation project at the town’s historical museum and the creation of a children’s book and story walk. 

“A hand-painted mural at our library inspired the book,” says Duane Boelman, deputy city clerk and fund representative. Local artists are illustrating characters from McGregor's history – based on the mural – in the pages of the new book. When complete, library staff will post pages in shop windows throughout the city.

“I'm pleased that both projects help build McGregor's strong sense of community,” says Boelman. “The library partners with local artists to create an experience both parents and children can enjoy, and the museum shares a collection of images formerly in a private collection with the public while appropriately protecting them for future generations.”

Nonprofits and community members can create endowment funds at the Foundation to benefit charitable causes or make donations to existing funds. Gifts of all sizes make a difference, and those who give $50 or more to an endowment fund at the Foundation are eligible for the generous Endow Iowa 25% State Tax Credit. Learn more and see a full list of options for charitable giving at