Clayton County Foundation for the Future announces over $200,000 in community support

The Clayton County Foundation for the Future will distribute up to $202,790 this year from endowment funds held for the benefit of local nonprofits and charitable groups working to improve quality of life across the county.

“Endowments provide a sustainable source of funding that allows organizations to realize their missions and embark on successful initiatives to meet local needs,” said Emily Sadewasser, foundation coordinator. “We partner with donors and nonprofits to transform generosity into actions that improve quality of life in our county for everyone.” 

Community foundations are forever: Endowment funds held by the Clayton County Foundation for the Future are invested permanently, and the earnings from that investment provide annual funding to address Clayton County’s greatest challenges for generations to come. Nonprofit leaders look to the Foundation to hold their organizations’ endowments because the reliable source of annual funding helps them respond to emerging needs, sustain the good work they do, and plan for the future. 

Clayton County Conservation is familiar with the power of endowments. It will use this year’s endowment payout from the Osborne Partners for Conservation Fund to help sponsor participants in summer camps for junior naturalists. “We’ll offer scholarships to students who may be struggling to cover the fees due to COVID-19 challenges faced by their families,” said Jenna Pollock, director. 

The Foundation leverages its own endowment to provide annual grants. In 2020, the Foundation awarded $17,823 to support the work of local nonprofits. Nonprofits and community members can create endowment funds at the Foundation to benefit charitable causes, or make donations to existing funds. Gifts of all sizes make a difference, and those who give $50 or more to an endowment fund at the Foundation are eligible for the generous Endow Iowa 25% state tax credit. Learn more and see a full list of options for charitable giving at 

“Endowment funds offer a tangible option for families and community members to make an impact in their communities,” said Sadewasser. “Thanks to generous donors and committed nonprofits, we are able to continue to provide this necessary support for the future of our communities.” 

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