Clayton County Foundation for the Future funding supports splash pad construction

Families safely enjoy new outdoor amenity

In the midst of the pandemic summer, Clayton County families were able to enjoy a safe, socially-distanced new outdoor opportunity. The Turner Park Splash Pad, a nature-inspired play space that sprays, dumps, splashes and shoots water, opened in McGregor mid-August.

“The kids are having a great time, laughing, running and playing. There are more families picnicking and using the playground. The splash pad has been especially appreciated this year because kids have been at home for so long,” said Duane Boelman, deputy city clerk for the City of McGregor. “It’s rejuvenated the park.”

The new splash pad, which is sanitized every morning, is the latest upgrade to a park that has already seen numerous improvements. New playground equipment, an expanded shelter and picnic area, and updated athletic field and trails have drawn more people. The final stage of the project will be the addition of concessions and new restrooms. 

More than 40 fundraisers have been conducted since 2016, when a dedicated group of volunteers began actively preparing for the project. Area residents made individual donations, and a partnership between the City of McGregor and the nearby City of Marquette helped ensure the project benefits residents of both communities.

The Clayton County Foundation for the Future joined numerous supporters with a grant to support the new splash pad, which anyone can enjoy for free. The Foundation prioritizes quality of life and community development in its annual grantmaking. “Quality of life in our rural communities is so important, especially now,” said Haleisa Johnson, Foundation board member. “Things are tough for families, and the splash pad is accessible to everybody.” 

Splash pad committee members estimate up to 50 kids per day used the splash pad between August and September. Parents sat at picnic tables or walked laps around the adjacent trail while children played. Residents of the Great River Care Center, which overlooks Turner Park, have enjoyed observing the activity. “It really livens up their day,” said Maria Brummel, member of both the splash pad committee and the city park board. 

“The pandemic really cut into our fundraising this year,” Brummel told the Foundation board. “Thank you so much for your contribution.” 

To learn more about how you can partner with the Foundation to make an impact in your Clayton County community, contact Emily Sadewasser, foundation coordinator, at 563-880-6044 or