Dyersville Area Community Foundation announces more than $97,000 in community support


Local nonprofits and charitable groups will see $97,420 in payouts this year from endowment funds hosted by the Dyersville Area Community Foundation. These annual distributions support their ongoing work to improve quality of life across the area.

“Endowments provide annual funding that allows organizations to realize their missions and meet local needs – forever,” said Michelle Grover, the Foundation’s executive director “The Community Foundation partners with donors and nonprofits to improve quality of life for everyone in our communities.” 

Endowment funds held by the Community Foundation are invested permanently, and the earnings will provide annual funding to address the Dyersville area’s greatest challenges for generations to come. Nonprofit leaders look to the Foundation to hold their organizations’ endowments because the reliable funding helps them respond to emerging needs, sustain the good work they do, and plan for the future.

“The endowment payouts provide an opportunity to fund our flowers, as well as other areas where we can assist in making life better in our community,” says Joyce Jarding of the Farley Garden Club. The club has used annual payouts to purchase plants and supplies for flower gardens throughout Farley, and has also provided additional support for community needs. During the pandemic, the group donated their payout to St. Stephens Food Pantry. The club also used a payout to help cover the cost of planning for a new library.

Nonprofits and community members can create endowment funds at the Foundation to benefit charitable causes or make donations to existing funds. Gifts of all sizes make a difference, and those who give $50 or more to an endowment fund at the Community Foundation are eligible for the generous Endow Iowa 25% State Tax Credit. Learn more and see a full list of options for charitable giving at dbqfoundation.org/dacf.