Endowment payout supports housing needs

Each year, payouts from endowment funds held by the River Bluff Community Foundation support organizations’ missions and improve quality of life in local communities. The Sisters of St. Francis uses the payout from their endowment to support River Cities Information, Referral & Assistance Services.

The Sisters of St. Francis answer many requests for funding each year, and the endowment is one source of sustainable annual income they can count on to support their mission: Living and promoting active nonviolence and peacemaking. 

“Information, Referral & Assistance has an excellent track record. We support them because they help keep people in their homes by paying rent and utilities,” says Sister Marilyn Huegerich, a member of the Sisters’ leadership team. “They do a super job of coordinating with 200 organizations so people don’t fall through the cracks. Collaboration is extremely important today in meeting the needs of others. You can’t do it alone.”

The Community Foundation holds funds for many nonprofits as well as individuals and families with charitable goals. In 2022, the Foundation’s family of funds made $42,000 available to community projects in Clinton and Camanche. 

“The Foundation connects donors with the greatest needs in our community,” says Executive Director Alethea Cahoy. “We offer many opportunities to improve quality of life by addressing an array of local issues.” To learn more about how you can establish a fund or make a gift that impacts your community, contact Cahoy at 563-321-0317 or email rbcf@dbqfoundation.org.