Endowment will help preserve Fair legacy


For more than 80 years, the Clinton County Fair has brought people together to celebrate shared traditions in this rural community. Today, Fair leaders are looking toward this annual event's future and have established a new fund with the LincolnWay Community Foundation that will provide a sustained stream of support for generations to come.

“The Clinton County Fair is still a very important part of our community’s culture,” says Mary Stevenson, fair secretary and manager.

The Fair provides entertainment and activities for all ages. Many showcase their talents during the Clinton County Club Show, the 4-H/FFA portion of the fair featuring dog obedience training, equestrian competitions, educational presentations, and an art exhibit. 

In 1881, two civic-minded citizens established an early version of the fair to bring the community together. Over the years, support for the event has ebbed and flowed. “It is because of this history that I feel our partnership with the Foundation is so important,” says Stevenson. “We hope to have an annual fair for many years to come, and the endowment will help us preserve this legacy within the community.”

Payouts from the new endowment will be used to maintain and improve the fairgrounds and ensure the continuation of the Clinton County Fair well into the future. The forward-thinking group is planning ahead for the construction of a new cattle barn, improving the Beef Arena and completing the Creative Arts Building. 

To learn more, contact Stevenson at 563-659-1624 or email clintoncofair@iowatelecom.net.

To make a gift to the Clinton County Fair Endowment, contact Executive Director Amanda Willimack at 563-212-2812 or email lwcf@dbqfoundation.org.

The LincolnWay Community Foundation offers many opportunities to improve quality of life by addressing an array of local issues. To learn more about how you can establish a fund or make a gift that impacts your community, contact Executive Director Amanda Willimack at 563-212-2812 or email lwcf@dbqfoundation.org.