Endowments make $109,000 available in Jones County


Jones Soil and Water Conservation Commission Chairperson Julie Orris knows first-hand the impact endowment funds have on the community. Each year, she sees her organization’s endowment, hosted by the Jones County Community Foundation, pay out to cover scholarships for high school seniors interested in pursuing an education in conservation or agricultural related fields.

“Our endowment with the Community Foundation is essential for the annual stability and future prosperity of our scholarship fund. It is critical that we support and encourage our future generations as they learn to be leaders in caring for our critical soil and water resources,” Orris says. “We have the comfort of knowing the endowment will be there for us for many years to come thanks to the generosity of our donors.”

More organizations like the Soil and Water Conservation Commission are poised to receive their own endowment payouts this spring. The Community Foundation announced a $109,720 payout from its family of endowment funds this year. 

Local generosity makes this possible, and the Foundation is the steward of these gifts from community members. Endowment funds held by the Foundation are invested permanently, and the earnings from that investment provide annual funding to address our county’s greatest needs for generations to come. 

“The Foundation is here for Jones County now and forever, and the organizations receiving these payouts are our partners. They help us understand the needs of our communities and drive lasting change to ensure all people can thrive,” says Doug Edel, executive director. “Endowments provide a sustainable source of funding that allows organizations to realize their missions, embark on new initiatives to meet local needs, and do their best work to support communities.”

In Jones County, endowment payouts help address people’s basic needs, such as education, food and health care. They also support local institutions like emergency services departments, churches and cemeteries, as well as and community vitality initiatives like historic preservation and outdoor recreation.

Nonprofits and community members can create endowment funds at the Foundation to benefit charitable causes or make donations to existing funds. Gifts of all sizes make a difference, and those who give $50 or more to an endowment fund at the Foundation before June 1, 2023, are eligible for the generous Endow Iowa 25% State Tax Credit. Learn more and see a full list of options for charitable giving at dbqfoundation.org/jccf