Endowments support community health


Endowment funds can save lives. At Jones Regional Medical Center, the annual endowment payout in 2023 supported purchasing equipment critical for patient care.

All departments at Jones Regional have the opportunity to request funds from the endowment, hosted by the Community Foundation of Jones County. Last year, the payout helped support several projects, including:

  • New surgical equipment that allows surgeons to perform ACL (knee) and rotator cuff (shoulder) repair surgeries. “We believe strongly in the importance of being able to be in your home community for surgery and recovery,” says Amy Keltner, Community Development Director at Jones Regional. “Being able to offer such surgeries eliminates the requirement of excessive travel for surgery, recovery, and follow-up care.”
  • A ceiling-mounted lift system in the physical therapy department that helps ensure patient safety while relearning mobility practices. The system can assist patients of various ages and sizes and has already led to important patient successes. 
  • A lab room renovation project that incorporates safety pull cords in the event of a medical emergency during a lab draw, with a direct connection to the emergency department for quick response.  

Gifts to the Jones Regional endowment fund can be made anytime online. “Each donation goes directly towards supporting our varied departments and projects,” says Keltner. “We are very thankful for the support.”

The Foundation holds funds for many nonprofits as well as individuals and families with charitable goals. In 2023, the Foundation’s family of funds made $109,000 available to community projects in Jones County. 

“The Foundation connects donors with the greatest needs in our community,” says Executive Director Doug Edel. “We offer many opportunities to improve quality of life by addressing an array of local issues.” To learn more about how you can establish a fund or make a gift that impacts your community, contact Edel at 319-481-9182 or email jccf@dbqfoundation.org


Photo: Surgical nurses Jenny Jacobs, CST and Emily Culver, RN, display new equipment as they prepare to incorporate the new surgeries at Jones Regional Medical Center.