Energize Clinton shares local values statements



Clinton residents have many reasons to love their community, and for the first time, the city has a list of the six qualities people value most, based on input from the people who live here.

Leaders of Energize Clinton, a new initiative of the River Bluff Community Foundation, have finalized six values statements about the community based on five months of work and nearly 1,200 surveys and interviews with residents. “These statements encapsulate what residents told us they love most about Clinton,” says Alethea Cahoy, executive director of the Community Foundation. 

Clinton’s statements are: 

  • People: We appreciate our diversity which is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive, creating a high quality of life, a feeling of belonging, and a strong sense of community service. 
  • Size & Location: We develop our identity through a sense of place between the lush rural landscape of Iowa and the Mississippi River. A small-town feel comes from the safety, convenience, and connections between residents while offering access to a variety of amenities. 
  • Activities: We are energized by our access to the Mississippi River. We enjoy the diverse spaces, parks, and outdoor attractions along the river that support social, cultural, and recreational events.
  • Local Business: We value local employers and nonprofits of all sizes that create opportunities for our residents to thrive, shop locally and give our town unique character. 
  • Active Revitalization: We celebrate the investment in historic revitalization, beautification, and development that enhance our downtowns and neighborhoods as places where we can flourish and prosper.
  • Education: We value private and public schools, the community college, museums, the library, and other organizations that provide strong social and workforce skills for the entire community. These resources connect us to our culture and offer year-round activities for people of all ages.

“Residents also shared ideas to make Clinton an even better place to live, work, and play, and those ideas are leading us immediately to the second phase of Energize Clinton – an initiative called Small-town Dreams,” says Cahoy. 

Energize Clinton is a program that combines two initiatives: Community Heart & Soul and Small-town Dreams. It engages voices from all corners of the community to understand Clinton’s needs and values, and then support those priorities with local grant funding. Energize Clinton is made possible by the local Foundation’s affiliation with the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, which provides back-office support, resources, and training around philanthropy and community leadership. 

Leaders will soon begin a fundraising campaign to support the ideas and priorities expressed during the Heart & Soul process. To learn more, contact Executive Director Alethea Cahoy at rbcf@dqfoundation.org or 563-321-0317.