Four new endowments benefit Delaware County nonprofits

The Foundation for the Future of Delaware County works hard to inspire people to give back to their community, helping them become more invested in its success today and tomorrow. In 2019, four new endowment funds were established in Delaware County with annual payouts benefitting local nonprofits. 

The Ed-Co Pride Endowment Fund was started in December. This group of supporters of the Edgewood-Colesburg Community School District wanted to express their strong commitment to their students, staff and school district. By creating the Ed-Co Pride Endowment Fund, they are ensuring funds will always be available to assist with the needs in the Ed-Co schools — whether for fine arts, athletics or educational programs. 

The Delaware County Iowa Pheasants Forever Chapter/Conservation Endowment Fund was established in July. The annual endowment payout will be used to provide funding for conservation, wildlife habitat, outdoor safety education, youth development and other public needs determined by the Delaware County Pheasants Forever Chapter members.   

The Community Childcare of Manchester Endowment Fund was created in August. Community Childcare was formed as a nonprofit in 2007 and currently operates in two locations in Manchester: Carousel Child Care Center and StoryLand Child Care. By establishing an endowment fund, the board of directors expressed its dedication to providing affordable, safe and developmentally appropriate care environments for the needs of children and families in the Manchester area. The annual endowment payout will be used to for upkeep and needs of the child care program.   

An anonymous donor in Delaware County created the VPH Endowment Fund in September. Per the wishes of this generous donor, the annual endowment payout will be directed to the Manchester Public Library to be used for library projects and needs.

“These endowment funds will build the capacity of local nonprofits to improve Delaware County for future generations,” said Nancy Preussner, donor connections coordinator. “Dollars invested in an endowment fund today are invested and held in perpetuity, providing regular annual payouts forever.” 

Thanks to the Foundation’s affiliation with the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, gifts over $50 to endowed funds may be eligible for the generous Endow Iowa 25% tax credit. To make a contribution to any of the funds held by the Foundation for the Future of Delaware County, contact Preussner at or 563-920-5590.