Free Pandemic Parenting program in Delaware County

Have the new work and school arrangements left you wondering how you can move through the demands of the pandemic without getting overwhelmed? Do you need help in supporting your family’s social, emotional, and mental health? Are you looking for new perspectives to help you adapt to and even grow through today’s challenges? 

Many Delaware County families have struggled with such challenges this year. Now, the Foundation for the Future of Delaware County has partnered with a generous donor and the National Resilience Institute to help by offering a free, virtual program called Pandemic Parenting. 

Pandemic Parenting offers 10 recorded modules that provide practical strategies and promote well-being in adults and children. Parents can complete each 15-minute module at their convenience.. The program combines virtual learning with an interactive workbook and structured, step-by-step guidance to put strategies into practice. It includes an online library with age-appropriate activities to help kids grow more resilient.

Delaware County parents and guardians may participate at no cost through December 30. Register for the program at

To learn more, please email Foundation board member Vicki Spellerberg at or check out the Foundation for the Future of Delaware County Facebook page.