LincolnWay Community Foundation: A Strong Tomorrow


Eleven rural communities; $10 million in scholarships and grants to teachers, nonprofits and local initiatives. That’s the impact donors have made through the LincolnWay Community Foundation since inception, improving quality of life in rural Clinton County. 

Inspired by that impact, Greg Gannon, president of DeWitt Bank & Trust Co., has been visiting leaders in all 11 communities to invite them to join the Forever LincolnWay campaign – the Foundation’s effort to build a $500,000 endowment to ensure its own sustainability and continue providing for the community for generations to come. 

“Many projects in these small towns have occurred because of support from LincolnWay. Many may not have occurred without that support,” he says. So far, leaders in every community he’s visited have enthusiastically agreed to make a gift to the campaign. “Some councils even voted in favor of making contributions the very night I visited them,” he says. “They truly see the value of the Foundation and want to ensure the opportunities it provides are available in the future.” 

The Foundation works to understand local needs, build partnerships and provide support. Payouts from the Forever Fund will ensure that the Foundation continues to have a qualified executive director leading this work – which Gannon and other leaders recognize is critical to the organization’s success. 

Your gift can make an impact in your community and support the Community Foundation – forever. Learn more at

Greg Gannon President, DeWitt Bank & Trust Co