Nonprofits receive grants from the Foundation for the Future of Delaware County COVID-19 Relief Fund

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation for the Future of Delaware County is providing help where it’s most needed. 

The Foundation board has activated a COVID-19 Relief Fund, which provides an opportunity for the public to give with the reassurance their donations will be used to quickly move resources to where they are most urgently needed in their own community, particularly toward needs not being met by existing non-profit, local, state and federal programs. 

The Foundation for the Future of Delaware County, an affiliate of the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, made an immediate $3,000 gift to start the fund. Thanks to the generosity of local donors, over $20,000 has been raised. The following grants have been awarded:

  • Pay It Forward/First Lutheran 
    • $2,500 - Food and supplies for families
    • $2,225 - Pharmacy support for over-the-counter and prescribed medicine to individuals experiencing financial hardship
  • Maquoketa Valley Community Schools
    • $700 - Hot spots for home internet access for distance learning
  • Edgewood Colesburg Elementary Department
    • $1,000 - Art therapy bags
  • Operation New View
    • $500 - Hygiene products
  • Second Helpings
    • $2,500 - Weekly meals for elderly, at-risk and families in need
  • Delaware County Food Bank
    • $2,500 - Groceries for families

“Though we may feel isolated during these uncertain times, our community’s generosity shines as a steadfast reminder that we can still work together,” said Lisa Guetzko, Foundation board member. “We thank everyone who has made a gift, helping ensure the vulnerable are cared for and our community is in the best possible position to endure this crisis — and move forward after it has passed.”

Community foundations often serve as philanthropic centers for disaster recovery because of their unique ability to bring together service providers, community-based organizations, businesses, government representatives and others—as well as their capacity to distribute funds from donors. Disaster preparedness is just one way of the many ways that community foundations take the long view for their communities. 

To give online to the fund, visit Checks made out to Foundation for the Future of Delaware County COVID-19 Relief Fund may be dropped off at F&M Bank in Manchester, GNB Bank in Manchester, and Community Savings Bank in Manchester, Earlville, and Edgewood. Checks may also be mailed to FFDC, 200 E. Main St., Manchester, Iowa 52057.

To apply for a grant for your nonprofit, email for a grant application or call 319-343-7811 for more information.