Rural Clinton County nonprofits receive $135,260! 

LincolnWay Community Foundation endowment funds grant out largest amount ever. 

Local nonprofits are receiving critical funding this month as endowment funds hosted by the LincolnWay Community Foundation grant out the largest amount in the Foundation’s history – $135,260. 

“The Community Foundation is here for our county now and forever, and the organizations receiving these payouts are our partners. They help us understand the needs of our communities and drive lasting change to ensure all people can thrive,” says Amanda Willimack, Foundation executive director. “Endowments provide a sustainable source of funding that allows organizations to realize their missions, embark on new initiatives to meet local needs, and do their best work to support communities.” 

Community foundations are charitable organizations that leverage philanthropy to create systemic change, benefitting their communities and improving the lives of people in their geographic region. Nonprofit organizations and community members can create endowment funds at the Community Foundation to benefit charitable causes. These funds are invested and pay out annually to designated causes, providing a reliable source of income to sustain organizations’ operations forever.   

For example, lifelong educator and Foundation board member Pat Henricksen launched an endowment to provide valuable community experiences for students each year through a philanthropic challenge. In 2023, her fund inspired students to donate nearly 3,000 pounds of food to local pantries.

“I always want to teach young people that we learn, we earn, and then we return to the community for future progress,” says Henricksen. “That’s why I set up this endowment: to help students at Central realize that philanthropy has an important role to play in strengthening rural Clinton County.”

Local generosity makes this possible. Endowment funds held by the Community Foundation are invested permanently, and the earnings from that investment provide annual funding to address our region’s greatest needs for generations to come.   

The Foundation also has its own endowment funds, and it leverages payouts to award annual grants. Gifts of all sizes make a difference, and people who give $50 or more to an endowment fund at the Community Foundation are eligible for the generous Endow Iowa 25% state tax credit. 

The LincolnWay Community Foundation offers many opportunities to improve quality of life by addressing an array of local issues. To learn more about how you can establish a fund or make a gift that impacts your community, contact Willimack at 563-212-2812.