Scholarship honors lifelong farmers

Dale and LouJean Scott Memorial “Generosity” Scholarship

As farmers and community members in rural Jackson County, the late Dale and LouJean Scott embodied the values of hard work, family and education. Now, their family has launched the Dale and LouJean Scott Memorial “Generosity” Scholarship with the Community Foundation of Jackson County to honor their generosity and support future generations. 

“My dad was a lifelong farmer and the last in a line of farmers in his family dating back to colonial America,” says their son, John. “My mom was his partner in farming and raising a loving family. They recognized the rewards of hard work, and that ethic survives in me to this day. They valued education, artistry, musicianship, sportsmanship, devotion to family, and generosity to all.”

The criteria for the scholarship reflect the values that Dale and LouJean instilled in their children. It will be awarded annually to a student who is furthering their education in an accredited post-secondary two or four-year institution upon graduation. The student will have participated in several extra-curricular and community activities and will have exemplified a strong work ethic, good character and generosity in time, talents, or resources.

John notes that he and his siblings benefitted from scholarships and grants, and launching the “Generosity” Scholarship is a way of providing that same type of support to other local youth.

“We were not rich by any means, and did not have the nicest clothes or the shiniest car or the latest gadgets, but my parents made sure we were never hungry and they supported our interests, including our post-secondary educations,” says John.

The scholarship also reflects his parents’ willingness to support youth as they explored new interests and open their hearts to the community. For example, John recalls how his mother gathered pots and pants from the pantry so the drummer in his junior high garage band could play on a “full” drum kit. Dale and LouJean also sold an old antique player piano, an old pump organ, and several steers to purchase new musical instruments for their children.

John also recalls that many visitors to their home, whether for a social call, farm business or family gathering, left with a full stomach or a full box of farm produce and baked goods — or both.  “My parents shared two types of fruit: The fruits of the land and the fruits of their labor,” he says. The Scotts also shared their talents, from repairs to sewing, to help their neighbors, friends and strangers. 

The Scott family farm was located in rural Maquoketa, and the family had strong relationships in the community through church, friends and school activities. “My parents supported all four of their children in our involvement with Luther League, church choir, band, theater, football, basketball, track and cheerleading,” John reflects. “They made sure we had the means to get to rehearsals, performances, practices and games. They attended every event possible. They also made sure we spent time with our friends and welcomed our friends into their home."

With the new scholarship, John and his siblings, Kathy, Glenda Jo and the late Dale Jr., are carrying forward the selflessness and generosity that their parents lived every day.

“Our parents instilled in us respect for others, appreciation for even the simplest gifts, and that I was in this world for others and not just myself,” says John of he and his siblings Kathy, Glenda Jo and the late Dale Jr. “We are blessed to be able to establish this scholarship to give back to the community we grew up in.”

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