Jones County children get support for vision health

Providing a child with glasses is life-changing. They become more confident, participate more in the classroom, and improve in their schoolwork. The Jones County Community Foundation continues to care for area youth through its support of Vision To Learn, an initiative that has provided hundreds of students in Jones County with eyeglasses at no cost to schools or families.

Thanks to this initiative, over 400 students in Midland Community and Olin Community Consolidated school districts received vision screenings during the 2020-21 school year. Students who did not pass the initial screening were given an eye exam by Vision To Learn clinicians, and 73 students received glasses.

Children who were prescribed glasses chose frames from a wide selection offered by Vision To Learn. Some students even received two pairs — one for school and another for home.

When students forget their glasses at home, the school doesn’t have to call parents to leave work and bring the glasses to the classroom. Instead, students simply visit the school nurse, who safely stores each student’s backup glasses. 

Next year, students in Anamosa and Monticello school districts will benefit receive Vision To Learn screenings. 

VIsion To Learn is one of the many ways the Foundation supports youth. Its Every Child Reads initiative expands on the efforts of Vision To Learn in supporting academic success and child well-being. The Foundation also awards annual grants to schools and youth programs. 

“Kids are our future. We have to invest in them early on,” says Sherri Hunt, Community Foundation coordinator.