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Our Forever Fund

Everyone has their own journey with unique experiences. As our lives intersect with others, we discover we share the same passions and values. This is the case with Community Foundation board members Jane Mueller and Abhay Rawal.

Jane grew up in Dubuque during the 1980s when it was experiencing tough times. She was proud to call it home then and, after raising a family, is still proud to call it home today. Her board colleague Abhay moved to the city over a decade ago and feels like he has found a place where he and his wife have been able to settle and comfortably raise their daughter.

Both have seen remarkable change, including an economic turnaround and a move toward inclusivity among its diversifying population. Jane and Abhay attribute this progress to the generosity and tenacity of the community as well as the Foundation’s leadership — and they want to see it continue for future families and generations. Today, they are two of the many people investing in Dubuque’s future by supporting the Forever Fund.


“Every so often, something happens that inspires me make a gift to the Forever Fund,” says Abhay. “It’s about Dubuque’s long-term well-being. I want to support nonprofits in serving people into the future.”

The Forever Fund allows the Foundation to strategically deploy resources as challenges and opportunities arise. Gifts from individuals like Abhay and Jane are pooled together and invested, and as the fund grows, it pays out a percentage annually to benefit the community.

With this fund, a 20-year history of inspiring giving, and a network of passionate community advocates like Jane and Abhay, the Foundation has the infrastructure to strengthen nonprofits and tackle complex issues for generations to come.

“Dubuque has been an amazing place to raise my children,” says Jane. “My hope is that Dubuque continues to be a thriving community, full of opportunity, culture and inclusion — for my children and my children’s children. My husband and I support the Community Foundation and the Forever Fund to help ensure that dream long after I am gone.”

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