Volunteer Leader: Dave Schroeder

Board member, Dyersville Area Community Foundation

  • Hometown: Balltown
  • Career: Retired CPA
  • Board member since: C. 2003


Tell us about yourself! 

I grew up on a farm, served in the Army Reserve and graduated from Loras College. My wife and I have been married for 52 years – we have four children and eight grandchildren. I worked for 20 years at the Ertl Company in Dyersville and 25 years in public accounting with the Honkamp CPA firm. We enjoy spending our winters in Mesa, Arizona, where I serve on two finance committees. Here in Dyersville, I serve on several volunteer boards in addition to the Community Foundation: I am on the board for Dyersville Progress, Inc. and Dyersville Economic Development Corporation.


What inspires you to keep serving? 

The Foundation serves a great purpose. I have been very blessed with having a fulfilling career and a great family, and I just want to contribute where I can. Dyersville is a vibrant community, in part because there is a lot of volunteerism. Good government leadership with foresight is another major reason for community success.


What’s the most memorable grant awarded or impact made by the Foundation during your tenure? 

The most significant project that I have been closely involved with as part of the Foundation is happening right now. We are working with the Dyersville Economic Development Corporation to build a new daycare center that will serve the Dyersville area. This is a four to five million dollar project that will bring new jobs to the area and support our businesses and employees by providing high quality, reliable child care.