Volunteer Leaders: Brent Beyer

Allamakee County Community Foundation, Vice Chair

  • Board member since: 2017
  • Career: Business Instructor, Northeast Iowa Community College.
  • Education: Degrees in economics and management from Simpson College; Master of Business Administration from the University of Iowa.


Tell us about yourself! 

I grew up in central Iowa. I met my wife, Denise, at Simpson College. She is originally from Waukon. After living and working in the Des Moines area for a while, we relocated to Waukon. My wife is the Allamakee County Auditor. We have two children: our daughter is a graduate of the University of Iowa and working in an accounting career; our son is studying statistics and data science at UNI.


What inspires you to keep serving on the board? 

I joined the board to serve on a foundation that really values this county and seeks to improve the lives of its citizens in many ways. The board’s mission and the impacts I see daily from grant awards in our county inspire me to continue to serve in this important organization.

The Community Foundation is a favorite among boards on which I have served. I really enjoy it because it is an amazing opportunity to make a difference. The individuals on the board are great, and all have the best interests of the country in mind as we make collective decisions on grant requests. 

The grants I most enjoy are those that benefit youth in our county. In a rural community, opportunities can be more limited for our youth, and I really like the grants that have made differences through pool improvements, splash pads, and camps.