Volunteer Leaders: Tom Feuerbach

Vice Chair, Community Foundation of Jackson County 

  • Hometown: Preston/Spragueville area
  • Education: Animal science major at Western Illinois University
  • Career: Farming and construction
  • Board member since: 2017


Tell us about yourself!

I'm a lifelong Jackson County resident. I was born and raised and live in the Preston/Spragueville area. Following graduation from WIU, I returned to the family farms and have lived there with my wife of 43 years, Susan, a now-retired teacher librarian. Together we built a life on the farm and raised three children, Jacob, Darcy and Malinda. 

I enjoy travel, sports and family time. Our children live in South Carolina, Florida and Chicago and we enjoy traveling to see them as well as other destinations. Along with traveling, I enjoy a wide array of sports and spending as much time as I can with my grandsons.


What inspires you to serve on the Foundation board? 

When given the opportunity to be a part of something as important and valuable as the Community Foundation of Jackson County, I could not resist. Five years ago, Dr. Darwin Schipper approached me to be his replacement on the board. I have experienced the importance of service through years of being a mayor, school board president, church council president and other board assignments.

I am inspired by the difference a grant can make to people’s lives, the communities and organizations we serve. I am inspired by the youth in the PBnJ Program. These future leaders continue to amaze me with their thoughtfulness and competency. I feel our future is bright with them as our future leaders. I am truly inspired by the generosity and giving spirit of the donors’ time and financial resources. Their gifts make a difference in our communities now and for future generations.

Our grants support projects that save lives. Every grant is valuable and important in its own way. Together We Build will probably have the biggest and longest lasting impact, but I think the most memorable ones would be the para-paramedic access in rural areas project and the automated compression device for the Miles Ambulance Service.