We Are Now a Proud Press Forward Local!

A new partnership will help support news outlets in Northeast Iowa communities.

Local news outlets have long been critical to engaging and informing communities, and the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque is proud to help strengthen these important resources through a new partnership with Press Forward.

The Community Foundation has been named one of Press Forward’s newest chapters, opening access to funding that will directly support local news and information in Eastern Iowa.

“This partnership is an incredible opportunity for local media in our rural region,” says Nancy Van Milligen, president and CEO of the Community Foundation. “As an organization that convenes and connects people around critical issues, we are positioned to be their trusted partner in strengthening local journalism.”


When surveyed about local media, Americans are overwhelmingly positive. According to Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism, nearly three our of four American adults – 74% - say having a community newspaper is important for local news and information.

At the same time, many local newspapers and other news outlets are struggling in the face of declining revenue.

“This country is losing 2½ newspapers every week,” says Bob Woodward, director of journalism philanthropy and college student partnerships for Woodward Communications, a Community Foundation partner in supporting local journalism. (Pictured above with Telegraph Herald reporter Maia Bond)

“Many that are left are a shadow of their former selves, with little or no local news. The effects on communities are terrible and far-reaching.”

That’s where Press Forward comes in.

Press Forward is a national movement to strengthen our democracy by revitalizing local news and information. A coalition of funders is investing more than $500 million to strengthen local newsrooms, close longstanding gaps in journalism coverage, advance public policy that expands access to local news, and to scale the infrastructure the sector needs to thrive.

"The challenge of rebuilding America’s local news landscape is vast, and will depend on strengthening local efforts alongside new investment by national funders, smart public policies and a variety of other revenue approaches. We're delighted to have Press Forward Northeast Iowa as a partner in this effort," said Dale Anglin, director, Press Forward.

Press Forward Locals like the Community Foundation are a network of chapters across the country where funders bring new donors and foundations together to expand resources for local news. These 21 chapters are an opportunity for funders to create place-based initiatives, driven by the specific information needs of their communities.

As a local chapter, the Community Foundation will serve as a hub that can mobilize resources and create a local fund for news organizations in Northeast Iowa.

“Strengthening community news is one of the few issues today that can bring together people from across the political spectrum,” Van Milligen says. “Through this partnership, we are ensuring that fair, accurate and well-reported stories always have a home in our region.”

To learn more about Press Forward, visit pressforward.news.