Alex Baum

Director of Advocacy, Data and Learning

“The best part of my job is the freedom to recognize a problem and bring people together to find a solution.”

Alex helps guide and support our initiatives team in their efforts around equity and inclusion, economic opportunity, and youth impact. The team assembles partners in the Dubuque community who can work together to address systemic level barriers and enhance access to opportunities for all. He also supports the Foundation and the community by working to improve our capacity as an evidence-based learning organization and region, primarily by facilitating data collection and analysis and by learning about the needs of local immigrant populations.  

During 2020, Alex helped support the City of Dubuque’s COVID-19 response team in its outreach to immigrant communities. The sacrifices and generosity he saw routinely from Dubuquers of all backgrounds, even as they experienced their own hardships from the pandemic, was truly inspiring.

Throughout his career, Alex has worked for a number of organizations, both locally-focused and global, that use research and data to improve their impact and bring about real change in the world. Experiencing their successes and failures energized him to support other nonprofits and our whole community to make sure we are as effective and inclusive as possible as we work to make Dubuque a better place.

He has been visiting Dubuque since meeting his wife, a Dubuque native, nearly 20 years ago. He became immersed in the community when he and Tricia moved here with their three young sons in 2019. He is passionate about getting involved, learning more about the region and its residents, and being able to work creatively in order to help everyone living in Dubuque thrive. He leads a very full life that includes reading, playing games, and trying to keep up with his children. 

Fun Fact

Q. What's one thing about you that surprises people?

A. My taste in food. I've eaten silkworm larvae in China, balut in the Philippines, ostrich in Uganda, and haggis in Scotland, yet I still struggle with staples like lasagna!

Alex Baum Director of Advocacy, Data and Learning 563-588-2700