Brittani Reuter

Accounting Manager

“Community is a group of people coming together to work toward a common goal.”

Brittani’s brother was injured in a farming accident when he was a pre-teen, and the community came together to support her family in that time of need. Those experiences inspired her to use her strengths to help give back.  

In her role at the Community Foundation, Brittani serves donors and nonprofits, as well as assisting staff with payroll and benefits. Her accounting work helps ensure accurate and timely financial statements.  

She began interning for the Foundation in 2014 at the recommendation of her accounting professor, and was hired full time in 2015. Her varied experiences while interning allowed Brittani to learn about different aspects of our finance department and ultimately made her better equipped to serve our donors and nonprofits.  

Brittani is motivated by the knowledge that her efforts allow her colleagues at the Foundation to go out with boots on the ground and make a difference in the community.  

Fun Fact

Q. What’s the best place you’ve ever lived?

A. The family farm near Strawberry Point. My parents had dairy cattle until 2018 and today they still raise beef cattle and crop farm corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

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