Luke Benson

Finance Assistant

“Community means not keeping score. You do something because you feel it is the right thing to do.”

Luke is inspired to come to work each day by the possibility of learning something new and developing his skills to become better employee and person. He carefully adds every gift that comes through our doors to our database, and sends out every grant we award to nonprofits in our region – in 2020, Luke processed 3,157 gifts and 2,885 grants! He is often the point of contact for nonprofits when it comes to gift questions and reports.

After college, Luke took a job at a local nonprofit. He saw the employees’ passion for organization’s mission and witnessed valuable collaboration with other non-profits. This inspired him to continue working in the industry and led him to his current role at the Community Foundation in 2019.

Luke lives on the Benson family farm in La Motte, with a menagerie of animals including a pig named Lollipop. He is an accomplished baker and his talents are celebrated by Community Foundation staff – his desserts never last long in the break room. He always keeps a couple of bags of candy on hand. 

Fun Fact

Q. What is your favorite childhood book?

A. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

Luke Benson Finance Assistant 563-588-2700