Peter Supple

Director of Nonprofits

“Community means feeling a sense of support.”

Peter is our point-of-contact for nonprofits with endowment funds at the Community Foundation. He listens for nonprofit needs, then organizes and leads nonprofit training sessions. In his role, he helps organize and provide nonprofit support for our annual 24-hour giving event, Great Give Day. Making a difference in the community is what motivates Peter to work hard each day, and the people he works with are the best part of his job.  

In addition, he facilitates our Brain Health Access Initiative, working with community partners to break down barriers to services and remove the stigma around brain health.

Before joining the Community Foundation team in 2018, Peter learned about the challenges and rewards of working for a nonprofit though a job as a district executive. Those experiences help him support nonprofits in his role today.  

Peter is a member of the Dubuque Optimist Club, where he been inspired by examples of local generosity such as serving meals, ringing holiday bells, and the flag program. He belongs to a devoted family in rural Cascade and spends his free time working on his family’s farm.  

Fun Fact

Q. What skill are you developing in your free time?

A. Clipping and fitting show cattle

Peter Supple Director of Nonprofits 563-588-2700