Community Equity Profile: Workforce and Economic Well-Being Snapshot

Do all people in Dubuque have equal opportunities to succeed? Can people of all backgrounds access jobs? Do all people feel welcome and included in the workplace? How can employers and training programs support career development and increased pay?

The second snapshot published by the Community Foundation as part of its Community Equity Profile process highlights these questions, providing local data and input from residents that paints a picture of the workforce and economic well-being landscape in Dubuque today.

Download the workforce and economic well-being snapshot

The Community Foundation created Dubuque's first Equity Profile in 2015, and we are updating it to reflect the community today. The Equity Profile provides information on how all people in the community are affected by various systems, such as housing, education and health care. It will inform leaders, community members and policymakers and serve as a guide for creating an action plan that supports Dubuque's growth as an equitable and inclusive community.

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