Community Equity Profile


Help build a Dubuque region where all people can thrive.

The Community Foundation created Dubuque’s first Equity Profile in 2015, and we have updated it to reflect the community today. The Equity Profile provides information on how all people in the community are affected by various systems, such as housing, education and health care. It can be used to inform leaders, community members and policymakers and serve as a guide for creating an action plan that supports Dubuque’s growth as an equitable and inclusive community.

Our Equity Profile data-collection process is done, and our full Equity Profile summary is now available!

Download it now or scroll down for additional information.

Thank you for your input!

Many people in our community played important roles in creating the Equity Profile.


Community Conversations and Panel Discussions

Each month, from August 2022 through April 2023, we and partner organizations hosted events giving community members opportunities to share personal experiences and learn about data related to seven areas: 

  • Housing
  • Workforce and economic well-being
  • Education
  • Health and wellness
  • Arts and culture
  • Safe neighborhoods
  • Transportation

Our partners at TH Media kicked off each month with a panel discussion that offered a deep dive into that month's topic. Then, facilitated conversations were held throughout the community, giving people a chance to add their voices.

Upcoming Events

Data Walk: A Journey Through Our Community Equity Profile

Wednesday, May 24
4 to 6 p.m.
McCarthy Center for Nonprofit Learning

Video: April 12 Transportation Panel Discussion

Survey Input

Hundreds of residents anonymously shared additional details about their thoughts and experiences by completing an online survey. Each month, we launched a survey covering the same topic as the month's conversations.

Surveys are now closed.

Conversation Hosts and Facilitators

Community members and organizations have been key to creating the Community Equity Profile. We invited volunteers to share their time and/or space to help make our community conversations successful.

  • Facilitate a conversation: We are offered trainings for volunteer facilitators to learn how to lead discussions and capture input from attendees.
  • Host a conversation: Business and nonprofits held facilitated conversations for their staff, board members and/or constituents.

Snapshots and Data

See information collected on each topic.

Each month, we published a snapshot that reflects current community data related to the month's discussion topic, along with input gleaned from our community conversations.

To view the snapshots from our 2015 Community Equity Profile, click here.


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