Tackling Systemic Issues TOGETHER.

Our Leadership Impact

In 2005, Crescent Community Health Center was just an idea. Local leaders knew Dubuque needed health services that could reach residents facing barriers to care and pitched the idea to the community at large.

With this seed of an idea, the Community Foundation played a pivotal role bringing Crescent to Dubuque while also establishing itself as an organization at the forefront of addressing complex community challenges.

Crescent was one of 10 ideas for strengthening Dubuque that came out of the community visioning process ENVIS10N 2010, which was facilitated by the Community Foundation and Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce in 2005.

In the wake of ENVIS10N 2010, community members stood up to support the top projects. The Schmid Family of Dubuque, for example, made a $1.3 million gift to support a health center and help Crescent open its doors.

“ENVIS10N 2010 established us as a community leadership organization,” says President and CEO Nancy Van Milligen. “It set us on a path toward bringing people together to solve problems that need resources.”


Since then, the Community Foundation’s impact has deepened. It has grown beyond simply a “give-through” organization. Whereas the Foundation hosts funds that support nonprofits and donors’ favorite causes, it also tackles pressing issues like children’s academic achievement, food insecurity, and equity and inclusion.

Plus, it continues to be a source of support for nonprofits like Crescent, which has established a close, ongoing relationship with the Foundation since ENVIS10N 2010.

“The Foundation has partnered with Crescent in many areas that have enabled our ability to more than double in size and survive the pandemic, while focusing on health inequities and enabling services for the underinsured and underserved in our region,” says Crescent CEO Gary Collins. “One of the most remarkable attributes of the Foundation is its ability to engage the entire community in initiatives around issues like literacy and health. It deftly leverages the generous community and region with opportunities to learn about nonprofits and make a difference with a gift.”